Derrynagittah: a Magical Sanctuary Garden in Ireland

Our sanctuary garden is at Derrynagittah in the west of Ireland, 29 acres of magical land deOur sanctuary garden is at Derrynagittah in the west of Ireland, 29 acres of magical land dedicated to the sacred. I moved here with my family in 1995, coming with the intention of working with Nature to co-create a place of beauty, a sanctuary where the plant world would be honoured and where people could come for healing, to learn about plants and the spirit that resides within all beings.

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The Joyous Garden of Healing

At Zen temples, in medieval monasteries, and in modern day retreat centers, gardens have played a key role in spiritual practice. Uplifting, calming, healing places where humans and natural forces work in harmony to create beauty--these sanctuaries invite meditation and prayer. Recently I attended a retreat at an "Eco-Sufi Village" and wandered into an herb garden that carried me right into that spirit of sanctuary.

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Wild Water River Sanctuary

In Bay City, Michigan, a small and very special section of the Saginaw River has become an inner-city wildlife sanctuary. Within a stretch of four city blocks along Arbor Street, in the center of Bay City, the natural habitat is encouraged and existing sea walls are being, or have been removed, creating an inner-city sanctuary for wildlife. 

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Saving the Ishpingo

In the fall of 2016, the Iamoe Center was told that they needed to clear a part of the Land for agriculture.  Part of the mission of the Iamoe is to protect the Forest; therefore, they worked tirelessly to create a new program demonstrating an alternative to clear-cutting.  With this program, they plant more Trees, Ishpingo Trees to be exact.  

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Poem obtained by Clay A. Johnson and posted 16 October 1995 on the CTURTLE listserve; 
original author unknown, no record found through extensive web search

It was the weather that drove us in,
that rainy afternoon in May.
And the weather, I suppose, that drew us out.

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Walking from Water to Earth:Honoring Seaweed

We have made the walk from water to earth many times as humans, yes? I think about how we came from the ocean as a species. We grow in a fluid inside our mother’s wombs similar in makeup to the ocean before we ever take our first breath. And we walk the Medicine Wheel each and every year from the water of the west in autumn to the earth of north in winter, until our very last breath. 

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