Climate Repair Meditation

with Fearn (given to her by a tree ally) 

"I am here today with the trees to share with you a simple and powerful practice for repairing the climate. First I want to share a bit about how this came about. Like so many of us, I felt so much concern about climate change, and sadness about the loss of life, home, and habitat. It is painful to witness and devastating to experience. Scientists are predicting massive environmental catastrophe and the changes are happening even faster than expected. These are scary times indeed, but I do believe there is hope! What I know is that the mindset that created this problem is not the one that will get us out. It’s time we move beyond the box of the rational, the reductionist, the political. What is beyond the box? Imagination, partnership, intention, love and MAGIC! You see, Nature is always working to return to dynamic equilibrium. We have thrown things off so far, that she has had to conjure up powerful storms, fires, earthquakes to wake us up, to clear away the outmoded, and to bring us back into right relationship. Right now right relationship must include taking responsibility and action to heal what has been damaged. I am one of those wyrd people who talks to trees and stones, faery and dragon.. I go to Nature for answers to the big questions. So I went with the quandry of climate change and was given this practice by Sycamore Tree. We know that the trees and all in the green world are Natures climate guardians. They gobble up CO2 and expel 02, creating the perfect balance of gasses for life as we know it. But the trees can’t keep up. We have cut down too many forests and we have released too much CO2 into the atmosphere. This practice is a way of expanding the natural capacity of the trees to do what they do, by partnering. Together we can change everything! All you will need is just a few minutes of quiet time. This can be done sitting, standing, inside or out. Eyes closed or open. This is designed to be done by people of all ages and denominations. Please share and repeat!"

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Trees, Druidry and Me

Druidry is an ancient and evolving spiritual path that originated in the British Isles. Druids align with the spirit of the earth below, the moon and stars above and the elements around and within us. Trees are our teachers and Nature is our church. We gather in groves as well as circles of standing stones to do our magic.

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Rights of Nature: A Legal Revolution That Could Change the World

David Boyd author of “Rights of Nature: A Legal Revolution That Could Change the World” is interviewed on the independent media program Living On Earth. This inspiring perspective shared by David reminds us of the importance of viewing nature as a relative, not property and the need for legal recognition of the rights of nature. He compares the history human rights with that of Earth Rights and gives examples of grassroots movements to institute rights of nature ordinances within local communities.

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White Pine Initiation

We gathered eight times in circle to drink an elixir of White Pine, prepared with prayer, gratitude and focused intention. After each drink together, we spoke of our experiences, both physical and spiritual.  Three themes that emerged repeatedly in our experiences with White Pine were strength, balance and Peace. The following are brief messages shared by participants in the Initiation.

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Trees and Forest: Dynamic Stillness

When I first connected with the spirit of trees, I spent lots of time in tearful apology, begging begging forgiveness on behalf of all human kind but most particularly me. I love that they barely blinked. They absorbed my plea and do what trees do best - what we call in yoga Sankalpa practice (the practice of imbued being). We humans have the other side - doing - down, but being, not so much. 

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Derrynagittah: a Magical Sanctuary Garden in Ireland

Our sanctuary garden is at Derrynagittah in the west of Ireland, 29 acres of magical land deOur sanctuary garden is at Derrynagittah in the west of Ireland, 29 acres of magical land dedicated to the sacred. I moved here with my family in 1995, coming with the intention of working with Nature to co-create a place of beauty, a sanctuary where the plant world would be honoured and where people could come for healing, to learn about plants and the spirit that resides within all beings.

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The Joyous Garden of Healing

At Zen temples, in medieval monasteries, and in modern day retreat centers, gardens have played a key role in spiritual practice. Uplifting, calming, healing places where humans and natural forces work in harmony to create beauty--these sanctuaries invite meditation and prayer. Recently I attended a retreat at an "Eco-Sufi Village" and wandered into an herb garden that carried me right into that spirit of sanctuary.

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