tree light leaves.jpeg

By Rachel Baird
On the subject of evolving out of a duality consciousness, and the spreading of unity consciousness-our natural state.

It is true that sometimes I forget,

Fall back into the myth of separation

Photo by Kelly Sinclair

Photo by Kelly Sinclair

That buzzing noise of this mutable world

divided, wounds exposed for the taking

or healing, by choice,

My cored apple heart left,

Seeds on the ground;

Scattered but planted that way,

By earth and weather.

Then I grow as another, new tree

with different branches, changed fruit:

Photo by Kelly Sinclair

Photo by Kelly Sinclair

Sweeter, fuller, rounder.

These roots of mine that travel above and below,

Run a course along the water's edge,

Moving from place to place,

These limbs of mine that drink in the light,

Carry essence through my veins,

Spread and reach as a bridge into the sky


Look up,  look around, remember;

Truth, there is no other.