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Sacred Water, Precious Water

As I drifted in and out of sleep in the early morning hours a steady tinkling entered my consciousness followed by a memory of moist leaves, bare feet and water rushing. I slowly entered the waking world and heard the undeniable sound of dripping outside my bedroom window – RAIN – ah, the blessed sound of water falling from the sky.

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Trees and Forest: Dynamic Stillness

When I first connected with the spirit of trees, I spent lots of time in tearful apology, begging begging forgiveness on behalf of all human kind but most particularly me. I love that they barely blinked. They absorbed my plea and do what trees do best - what we call in yoga Sankalpa practice (the practice of imbued being). We humans have the other side - doing - down, but being, not so much. 

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Walking from Water to Earth:Honoring Seaweed

We have made the walk from water to earth many times as humans, yes? I think about how we came from the ocean as a species. We grow in a fluid inside our mother’s wombs similar in makeup to the ocean before we ever take our first breath. And we walk the Medicine Wheel each and every year from the water of the west in autumn to the earth of north in winter, until our very last breath. 

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