Loving Mountains, Saving Mountains

[The information and citations below are from the website of the organization iLoveMountains.org.] All of us who love mountains, need to be aware of the devastating practice called “Mountaintop Removal” This is a form of strip mining in which entire mountains are blown up in order to extract the coal beneath the surface. Over 500 mountains have already been sacrificed.

In addition to destroying mountain lands that were once rich in biodiversity, the residue from this mining results in environmental hazards for all those who live in proximity. Valleys are filled with rubble from the mining and headwater streams are choked and annihilated. Coal sludge permeates and poisons water tables and wells. Blasting shakes foundations and dust clouds the air, bringing respiratory disease.

“Primarily, mountaintop removal is occurring in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. Coal companies in Appalachia are increasingly using this method because it allows for almost complete recovery of coal seams while reducing the number of workers required to a fraction of what conventional methods require.”

No jobs are gained for the local people.

But, particularly in Appalachia, the human beings are standing up for themselves and for their non-human relations.

iLoveMountains.org is the product of 14 local, state, and regional organizations across Appalachia that are working together to end mountaintop removal coal mining and create a prosperous future for the region.

On their website,  you can: watch videos about mountaintop removal featuring the people of Appalachia. You can also explore the National Memorial for the Mountains — an interactive satellite map that shows each of the more than 500 mountains already destroyed by this mining practice — and visit My Connection — the webtool that lets you see how your electricity usage is connected to mountaintop removal.

And you can find ways to take action.


In our gratitude circles for the beautiful Mountains and Minerals, let’s include deep appreciation for all those working on their behalf.

Creative Quest with Mountains

by Denise Schwab Exploring your Co-Creative Journey with Mountain

 “Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,

For I would ride with you upon the wind,

Run on the top of the dishevelled tide,

And dance upon the mountains like a flame.”

W.B. Yeats, The Land of Heart's Desire


We invite you to step further into this sacred journey and explore your relationship with Mountain through creative engagement.

Creative energy is life-force energy. It is the force that we are all a part of. Co-creative expression is about engaging and expressing our creative spirit in relation to the creative spirit of our environment, in this case, the life force of Mountain.unnamed-1

This journey begins as we acknowledge and bring gratitude to the creative spirit of Mountain.   As in ceremony and gratitude circles, dedicate a sacred space for this time.

I also invite you to call upon a stone to serve as your guide as you travel this journey to co-create with Mountain.


We then set our intention to creatively explore our relationship with Mountain. Let mountain speak to you through materials; let images, forms, words, objects, color, landscapes, sound and texture come to unnamed-4you.

Archetypal forces within you could appear and the mythic relationship to mountain may present itself.

The creative force in Mountain may be felt in your body-allow yourself to move and engage with how the life force of mountain makes you feel-how her energy moves through you.

Let the questions below serve as further creative prompts to guide you on this journey.

What is your past, present relationship with the mountains?

What does this landscape inspire within you?unnamed

How does this Mountain challenge you?

What is the most breath-taking view Mountain has given you?

What memories does Mountain evoke with you?


Be open to all possibilities as you open your heart 
and your hands and trust the process!

We would love for you to share with your process and your creative endeavors with us!

We honor that creativity comes in all forms-it is not just about creating “art” it is about engaging with life.

Call of Mountains and Minerals

by Jennifer Radtke My rose crystal heart nestled in eagle feathers beats my soul’s rhythm.

I grew up in Wisconsin, land flattened by glacrose quartziers and far from any mountains.  I felt connected to the plants, to nature, to the beautiful water spirit of Lake Michigan, but the mountains and crystals were out of sight, out of mind.  Even after moving to Northern California, it took fifteen years before their voice got loud enough for me to hear.

Four years ago, in the midst of doing a healing on a friend with plant spirits, a crystal appeared in my right hand -  not physically, but the spirit of the crystal.  It drew out and absorbed energy.  Next, a different crystal appeared in my 3rd eye and beamed light down during the healing.  At that time I was so oblivious to crystals, (thinking they were too airy-fairy for me) that I didn’t know any names or recognize   particular crystals or gems.  The ones that appeared in the healing were specific stones that my sub-conscious or my soul was well acquainted with.  It was clear to me after the healing that the crystals were reaching out to me and I needed to study them.  My friend had just the teacher to point me to, with a class starting a month or two later.

rainbow obsidian

On one of my excursions to buy crystals for the class, I came across a large rainbow obsidian stone.  I thought it too large and expensive, but decided to meditate with it at the store for a couple minutes.  It immediately said to me, “I am yours” and transported me to a past life as a shaman where I worked with it and other crystals doing healings.  In my first dream journey with the plant spirit of Tulsi (Holy Basil) some five years before, Tulsi had shown me a black stone portal, and now here it was in the real world.

I discovered that crystals had been appearing with the plant spirits all along, but I just hadn’t been paying attention.   In my very first journey to a plant spirit, Yerba Mansa gave me a golden crown with rubies to represent her healing gifts and to picture over my 2nd chakra to heal it.  The Mugwort plant spirit gave me a moonstone ring to represent her healing gifts.  And as I read back over my notes from years ago, I realize the crystals were always present, but it took that healing for me to hear them knocking at my door.

When I traveled to Ireland, to do a Plant Initiation with Elecampane, I had 4 days beforehand to travel by myself.  The land that drew me in was the Burren, a very rocky landscape. I have always been anxious and out of sorts traveling and being on unfamiliar land.  I was surprised to find that the rocky hillsides fading down into the ocean to the west felt like the California coast.  I felt so relaxed and at home, that I kept being surprised when someone opened their mouth and spoke with an Irish accent.

The manager at the Doolin hostel recommended I go visit a rocky mountain/hill called Mullaghmor and showed me a photo on the wall.  I said I might go on my last day there, on the way to the Plant Initiation.   On the last day, I decided to sightsee on the 2-3 hr journey, with Mullaghmor as the last possible stop.  Halfway there I stopped at a store for some food and ran into the hostel manager.  He asked if I was going to Mullaghmor.  I figured that now, at this second message, the mountain was calling and I’d better go.  He gave me directions, without which I wouldn’t have found it, as the Irish roads are mostly not marked.


It was pouring rain all day, but as I arrived at Mullaghmor, it stopped.  I walked out to the lakeshore and looked across at Mullaghmor.  The sun burst through the thick dark clouds for a few minutes.  I felt the mountain aligning me in a new way.  But most of all for those minutes, I felt the reflection of the 3 major energies making me up:  the powerful, calm, serious Mountain Spirit of Mullaghmor, the clear, flowing, blue Water Spirit of the lake, and the bright white Star Spirit of the sun.  I felt illuminated and at home.

I thank the Crystal and Mountain Spirits for patiently calling out to me until I could hear, and I ask them to do the same for all humans on this earth.  May we open our hearts and minds so we can hear their voices the first time they speak.


The Beauty of Uranium

by April Thanhauser IMG_5814


Among all our mineral relatives, perhaps the most feared, even reviled, is Uranium, whose early extraction brought slow death from cancer to the poor miners and whose “enrichment” brings the threat of nuclear doom. It is an element I did not want to think about, except in a reactive way—to protect myself from radiation. My associations with uranium were these:

Marie Curie in a laboratory finding substances that glow in the dark. Nuclear power plants looming darkly over wastelands. The unspeakable, unthinkable threat of nuclear warheads, and the little IMG_5811 (1)“fallout shelters” built in the 1960’s out of fear and madness. The often heard phrase “Enriched Uranium” in geo-political discourse. The specter of damaged “fuel rods” cooling in what looked like swimming pools, and needing to be moved, at great peril, in a devastated coastal city in Japan.

But my work with the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries has encouraged me to be in respectful dialogue with all elements of nature. In her 1997 book Partner Earth, A Spiritual Ecology Pam Montgomery writes about connecting to the Deva of Uranium:

"in listening to Uranium, I realized that many are fearful of this powerful relative, but fear comes from a lack of understanding Uranium’s place in the design. Trying to control the immense strength of Uranium has only made us more fearful. It’s when I begin to look at the beauty of Uranium, the creative essence, that I see how to partner with this formidable relative. "(p. 45 Partner Earth, Destiny Books, Rochester VT, 1997)

I realize that it is time to heal my fear and change my relationship with Uranium. I begin by researching, getting to know Uranium. I am astonished to learn that uranium was created by supernovas about 6.6 billion years ago. It is a child of the stars, fairly ubiquitous in trace quantities on the earth’s surface and in the seas, but living in more concentrated form deep in the earth. There in the depths, the slow

unnamed-4radioactive decay of Uranium keeps the earth’s crust and mantle warm, allowing for the inner molten rock that moves the continents. And this shifting and colliding of land masses has raised the mountain ranges!

I am moved by this information, and I want to know more, I want to meet the Spirit of Uranium. I prepare myself for an inner journey.

Journeying is a technique learned from Pam Montgomery’s training in working with plant spirit communication. Here, with the aid of drumming, we enter a light trance state in which the intuitive and visualizing functions of our mind step forward to reveal knowledge accessed in non-intellectual ways.

I ask to be guided to meet with the Spirit of Uranium. After a descent to the below- world, I find myself in an expansive place like a wide western plain, all filled with a silvery light. Of the Being I met, I could only describe him as masculine, ancient, silvery, and containing a sorrow that resonates almost unbearably in my heart. His closest relatives are Star Beings and his primary work is warming the heart and belly of Mother Earth and keeping alive the memory of her starry origins. I learn that at some point an agreement was made to share his “medicine” with the overarching Spirit of Humanity, but with the grave warning that a mighty medicine can also be a powerful poison. I see little sparkles of light representing humans and uranium working together for healing. I do not see power plants or bombs. The sorrow I feel is mostly emanating from Uranium’s relationship with Water: how water is abused in order to extract uranium from earth, to cool him and diminish his danger, and how he thus unwillingly poisons the waters. In our shared sorrow at this affront, I ask for guidance as to what I could do.

“Begin with love,” comes the response. To express love and gratitude for the gifts of Uranium, I see pictured a ceremonial gesture: a little altar formed outside on the earth, consisting of a white, dome-shaped stone, surrounded by white flower petals and 11 white candles. After offering love, prayer and tobacco here, I am to carry the flower petals to the ocean with messages of reconciliation—acknowledging the part of humans in the damages done, and asking for forgiveness and healing. And, as always, offer gratitude.IMG_2087

After the journey, I carry out these instructions. I place a white stone, candles and flower petals on a boulder as sparkling snowflakes whirl around me. I use a dozen matches, but finally manage to keep all the candles lit at once in the teasing of a frisky breeze. And I open my heart in gratitude to Uranium. In response I feel inner warmth, happiness, peace. And relationship.

The next day, the wind blasts icily off the ocean as I carry the white flower petals down to the beach. I can’t toss them into the waves against the wind, so I must reach into the water, turning my fingers into icicles. As I return along the beach, I feel a bit despondent at the IMG_2092minuteness of my gesture. My head is bowed against the wind, so I notice a beautiful, complex pattern of hieroglyphics in the sand: hundreds of tiny bird tracks massed together and interconnected. Which reminds me: no act of love is insignificant, no matter how seemingly small, because it connects with and reinforces a sacred network of loving interaction with the World.

I relax into gratitude for this mysterious and powerful element, Uranium, and for this familiar and beloved element, Water, and for this precious moment of renewed relationship.

We encourage readers to comment on your own experiences making relationships with minerals, mountains, or other elements of nature!

Mountain Temples and Planetary Peace

by Esperide Ananas damanhur valley

In Italy, in a small valley at the foothill of the Alps, lies one of the places with the highest concentration of different minerals on the planet. Its name is Valchiusella, and it is believed to be on one of the most important energy points on the Earth.

It is here that over 40 years ago Damanhur-federation of 0004communities was born, and it is in the heart of one of the Mountains that enclose the valley that the extraordinary Temples of Humankind were built.

Excavated by hand by the citizens of Damanhur, for the first 16 years—from 1978 to 1992—the Temples were built in total secrecy and using only the most basic tools. With dedication, devotion and great enthusiasm a small group of Damanhurian citizens dug out of a hard rock Mountain one of the most extraordinary buildings on Earth.

The Damanhurians chose this location because their research on the power places of the earth indicated that this valley is the meeting point of four Synchronic Lines, the energy lines that wrap around and inside our planet and, passing through the sun, connect it to the universe.

In 1996 structural tests were carried out by a geological survey company, which was amazed to find that all the chambers were completely sound despite the fact that those who built them had no formal construction training. Furthermore, it was found that the Temple had been constructed within a seam of Mylonite, a 300 million year old rock characterized by its powerful telluric energies. So twenty years after construction of the Temple had begun, official scientific research proved that it was indeed a place with extraordinary natural energy.


The eight Halls of the Temples are built on several levels to be perfectly inside the flow of the Synchronic lines: for this reason, the Temples of Humankind are a powerful amplifier of all meditation processes, and allow for a deep communion with the divine aspect contained in every human being.

The myriad works of art hosted in the Temples give each of eight Halls a unique atmosphere. Each room is a page of a great book of knowledge, in which every color, every size and every detail have a meaning.

The Temples are a testimony to hope, optimism and faith in the goodness of human nature. They are an example of how a small group of people united by a strong ideal can create an extraordinary work, and turn into reality an impossible dream.


And Damanhurians seem to never run out of impossible dreams. As the art works for the Temples of Humakind continue to expand, the citizens of the community are designing a much larger Temple, dedicated to the precious wisdom of native peoples from around the world. The “Temple of Concord of Peoples” will be created inside an abandoned stone quarry, in the woodland area adjacent to the Temples of Humankind. All the new spaces will be enclosed within a very large dome, constructed thanks to new and innovative technology and will be rich in works of art, so that artists from all over the world can participate in the realization of this project.

The ultimate aim is that the “Temple of Concord of Peoples” will become a meeting point for all human cultures, wisdoms and spiritual traditions: a place to inspire new hope, a true Parliament of Peoples from which to construct the path towards a planet of peace and harmony.

Mineral Medicine

by Marza Millar For thousands of years my ancestors of the 1st Nations Tribes of North America have used the Rock Beings for medicine, to write the history of the people, as well to align the tribe with time of day and to read the cycles of the sun and the moon.

The Rock Beings are my Grandmother and Grandfathers. They hold the story of Mother Earth, the history of all living beings on planet earth. My people call the Rock Beings the Bones of the Mother. My IMG_1985 Ancestors have taught me that all things have a living spirit and all things have their own cycles of time. Some of the Rock Beings hold the light in prismatic color, others let the water flow and record the history of the water marks during the change of ages past. Some of the Rock Beings are used for medicine to heal our bodies, others are cut into beautiful shapes and we wear them for protection, beauty and power. Each Rock Being has its own medicine power and how it relates to the Mother Earth and how it relates to Humankind.

I am a medicine woman. I know the medicine of the Rock Beings which was  Taught to me by my Elders. I make Rock Medicine infused in sunlight at the height of the Summer sun in the Valley of Light in New Mexico. This is where my Elders made the Rock Medicine. I journey to this place every summer to make the Sacred Rock Medicine.

One of my favorite medicines that I make is Dolomite. Dolomite is a ancient medicine going back all the way to the Ancient Egyptians. They made the ancient pyramids with Dolomite Lime. The pristine white Dolomite serves mankind and the plant kingdom in many ways. My ancestors use to use Dolomite to crush up and mix with water to stop stomach aches and intestinal viruses. We line our fires with the Dolomite to cook our food, and amplify our fire's power during the full moon and eclipse ceremonies. The Egyptians used the Dolomite to amplify the power of the pyramids at Giza. These were not tombs, as they say they were, but large generators-- such as a Tesala Tower--providing a primitive low grade electricity to the people of the Giza Plateau.

Once a year when the ice and snow come off the White Mountains near the Eastern Sierra and Owens Valley I make the trek up the mountains to visit my old friends the Ancient Bristlecone Pines. IMG_7729These trees are some of the oldest trees in the world at the age of 5,000 years or older. They grow in the Dolomite soil. It makes an amazing medicine to sit with these trees to connect you to your star ancestors, and to the cycles of time here on the earth plane. Combining together the Bristlecone Pine and the Dolomite, one can make an ancient healing formula to remember our ancestors and our cycles of time. I mix Dolomite infused water and Ancient Bristlecone Pine infused water together to create a medicine to sit with the ancestors and share 5000 years of connection to the star beings and the cycle of earth time. The mineral, gem and crystal beings are here to give us their wisdom, they are just waiting for you to listen and share their stories and medicine with you.

*****************************************************************************Marza Millar is the owner of Etheric Light Essentials which specializes in making vibrational medicine, healing waters, and rock medicine.

She describes her Lineage: IMG_8935

* I'm an Elder Grandmother of the Wind Creek Yavapai, Sedona Arizona--my father's people. *My mother’s people are from Isle of Skye, Scotland and Kilkenny, Ireland *Druid Elder of Clach Na h'Annait Standing Stone. *Adopted by birthright and trained in both rites from   birth. *The traditional teachings of Lemuria given by Elders of Naapoopoo Village.

My altar is to the lineages and teachings I hold.

And she offers us this Prayer:

To the wind we call forward your breath to clear us. To the fire we call you to burn within our hearts, to the waters we call to flow within us, to the earth we call to give us food and shelter. To the stars we call to unnamed-7our ancestors to remember who we are and to give us the Wisdom. To all above and below we give our humility, and praise to the Creator of all things. The door between the worlds now stands open so we shall all partake this day of the Ancient Wisdom given.

Tachamim Odin May this prayer fly into the forever

Becoming Mountain

by Jen Frey Going to the mountains is going home.  -John Muir

I grew up in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, home of the Ephrata Mountain, which is really a joke, for our mountain is barely a hill. I read the works of John Muir and was enamored by his Love of Nature. I imagine it was Muir who introduced me to the call of the Mountains, but I was deaf to them.

I did not understand what was different or wonderful about a Mountain range. I even remember, while traveling in Mounnamed-1ntana, meeting a Naturalist who once lived near me. She asked how I could still live there. She said that she was always lost, for there were no Mountains to tell her where she was. This seemed silly to me. I could not understand her love of the Mountains.

As I look back, I laugh at my foolishness. My ability to be blind, deaf, and dumb towards Nature. For while I did not hear the call of the Mountains, they were definitely pulling me. I went to school in the Adirondacks, where we celebrated Peak Weekend by climbing all the Mountain tops in the area. Many of my travels were to incredible Mountains: Yosemite, Montana, Swiss Alps, Mauna Kea. I appreciated, well was in awe of, their beauty. I could feel their strength, power, and wild-ness. I went to Banff shortly after the shocking death of a very special Loved one and experienced the healing abilities of the Mountains and the Wild. I attribute these Mountains with helping to bring me out of the abyss of grief. However, it was when I went to the Andes Mountains in northern Ecuador that I finally heard the call. I found Home.

We drove from Quito, continually gaining elevation, until we were driving through the clouds. We reached our destination as the road unnamed-3ended. I felt as if we drove into another World or Dimension. I suddenly knew what Eden looked like. The Sun was shining brightly, the flowers were glowing, and the area had its own soundtrack provided by the birds, the pollinators, and, I swear, the Nature Spirits.

I felt my body lighten as all tension released. With every step and every breath I felt myself re-aligning to this Divine place. My Soul was filling, enlivening. Not only did I find Home, I was glimpsing the possibilities for a World aligned with Nature. I was learning what it is to truly be a Human Being in the fullest potential. I never wanted to leave this place or lose this feeling again. And yet, I knew that that was not a possibility. I have family and other concerns that I needed to be part of. I could not go stay on the Mountain like a Mystic.

My teacher Rocio Alarcon teaches us to align ourselves with our surroundings, to match our vibratory rate with thunnamed-2eirs. This is what I did. I breathed in Mountainness. I allowed each of my cells to be flooded with this energy until it was difficult to tell my body from the Mountain body. I stayed this way until my body could remember the feeling and the vibratory rate. Now, I am able to carry the Mountain with me wherever I go.

I call on the Mountain before doing healing sessions with my clients, before teaching, when I know that I will be confronting a difficult situation, or when I am not feeling well, anytime that I need a little extra help or support. Sometimes, I call on the Mountain so that I may feel Home again.

I invite you to do the same thing. It is nice if you already know of a place or can be in a place that you feel really connected to. However, we are Spiritual Beings, so you can also do this by visiting a place in the Spirit World. You of course can connect with any environment, it does not need to be a Mountain. However, as we are talking about Mountains, that is what I am suggesting that you work with.

Mountain energy is important and quite helpful and very different from say Beach energy. We generally think of Mountains as being static; however, they are constantly changing. Some are growing, some are dying. Mountain energy is large and strong. Mountains have different ages and act accordingly. For instance, young Mountains are often feisty which can be experienced in earthquakes or lava flow.

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. If you like, lie down and get comfortable. I prefer to stand when becoming Mountain. Take several deep breaths, feeling your body relax. If youIMG_0480 have any areas of tension, direct your breath to these. Feel your lungs, your cells, your very body expanding with each in breath. Begin to visualize your Mountain. Take your time. Use all your senses. What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you taste? What do you feel? How do you feel? What is the light like? What plants are around you? What animals are around you? What is under your feet? What is overhead? Get a very clear picture. Gather as many sensations and as much information as you can. As you breathe, breathe in these sensations. Breathe in the smells, the sights, the sounds, the tastes, the sensations. Breathe in the Mountain. Allow your body to be flooded with Mountainness. Feel your cells soaking up the sensations. Feel your body melting into the Mountain. Stay here as long as you like, as long as you need to become Mountain. Recognize this vibratory rate. Begin to ask how you can come back here. Is there a sensation that will remind you of this, is there a word, is there an image? When you feel that your body will remember this place and you know how to come back, thank the Mountain Spirits. Begin to slowly return to your body and your room. Breathing the air of the room. Wiggling your fingers and your toes, until you are fully back in your body.

Now when you would like help from Mountain, when you need to be strong and large, slow and quiet, or bursting with creativity and shaking things up, you can call to your Mountain using the sensation, image, or word.

I give Thanks to the Mountains and the Apo.

I give Thanks for your strength and protection.

I give Thanks for your healing energies.

I give Thanks for your abundant beauty.

I give Thanks for the fresh, clean water you provide.IMG_1411

I give Thanks for the minerals and gems you shelter.

I give Thanks for the Ancient secrets you guard.

I give Thanks for your Songs calling us Home.

I give Thanks for your Being.

I give Thanks.

Mountains and Life

by Cloe Chunn When I was a child, every summer my family drove from home in Tampa to the Smoky Mountains to spend time with both sets of grandparents. Even though I loved school, all year long I looked forward to summer vacation so we could visit my definition of heaven.

The Mountains were high and grand, full of damp cool shady spots, raspberries and blackberries, the smell of evergreen with the whiff of paper company on humid days. It was fun to follow a brook down, damming it with stones, watching leaves and twigs float down. My grandmother planted petunias every summer in planters built of river stones all along the porch wall. Each morning when she watered them, I would start all her rocking chairs rocking in thumping cadence. Carolina wrens and cardinals hopped about the steep yard, calling and singing.

On day trips we visited pounding waterfalls, steep gorges, and fairy glens, where we picnicked on Mimi’s fried chicken and apple pie. One day during a picnic, I noticed a sign to “Hickory Nut Falls.” Assuming the sign meant that the falls were just out of sight, I stepped away through the fir trees to have a look. No falls in sight. Maybe around the next corner? No. Well a bit farther then. Of course, it was a hiking trail, unknown in my experience. My quest took me steeply uphill, steeper than any place at home or anywhere I had ever been. I climbed and scrambled, intent on my project of finding the falls, all DSCN0630thought of deserting family wiped out by the grandeur of the mountainside, the cool deep mosses, emerald leaves hiding wildflowers, and monster tree trunks. The trail grew steeper and I realized that hands were made for this terrain, not just for climbing trees.

I began to hear running water and eventually found Hickory Nut Falls, a crystal cascade plummeting straight down to no visible bottom. To my Tampa eyes, this sight took time to sink in. I stood mesmerized, frozen in landscape so shockingly different that I was stunned. I had discovered a new frontier.

The rest of the tale? When I finally made it back to the picnic table, dirty and tattered from this greatest of expeditions, the ranger was there, having been summoned by my frantic mother and grandparents, who thought I had either fallen off a cliff or encountered a bear or kidnapper. I had been missing for two hours, which for me had passed in a few minutes. My return was greeted with relief and anger, and the new magic kingdom postponed itself into a sweet, inviting dream.

I have never had my fill of mountains and trails. Over a period of eight years I backpacked the Appalachian Trail in sections, loving every step. I have lived in Maine four decades, where I have written a hiking guide, Fifty Hikes in the Maine Mountains, and continue to visit high places for adventure and renewal. Mountains have made me a naturalist, been my teachers and preachers, my rescuers, my challengers, inspiration, and favorite journeys. Mountains have made my life wondrous.

Gratitude for Mountains

 We offer Gratitude for Mountains

The mountains inspire us by their great beauty, the way they lift the earth toward the sky, the way they offer us vision. So many spiritual seekers and teachers have gone to the mountaintops to offer prayer and receive guidance. Mountain spirits and Stone people speak to us of ancient mysteries and are generous in sharing their wisdom.

Working with the air and waters, Mountains weave weather and waterfalls. A single Mountain may cradle a whole series of varying ecosystems, nourishing multitudinous life forms.


And within mountains are the buried treasure of gems and minerals and fuels which we humans have loved and desired through so much of our history.

We are thankful for these treasures and also we are sorry—for all the depredation that our mining them has caused. We ask forgiveness of the Mountains for our ancient and present excesses and we ask for the release of the greed and short-sightedness that still leads to plundering and destruction.

We offer our intention to honor and treasure the Mountains and Minerals, the Crystals and the Stones, as the revered Beings they are, to learn from them and to live in a manner harmonious with their well-being.


Have you had an inspiration on a Mountain? Or become intimate with the quiet speech of Stone People? Do you work with Crystals and Gems to channel healing? Or perhaps you have been miner, or you havelived in a mountain cave. Maybe you are an activist showing your concern for “mountaintop removal”, or you are a guide for mountain hikers. We invite you to share your experiences, in honor of the Mountains. Post a comment, or email aprilthanhauser@gmail.com, if you’d like to contribute an article to our newsletter.

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