All Nature Prayer

By Pam Montgomery This prayer is one you may use as a template to begin each day with a focus on shifting the balance within and without toward a positive affect on all Nature including the climate. Please add your own verses as you see fit.


All Nature Prayer

Hey great and many spirits it is I your daughter (son), [insert your name], who comes to you with much gratitude and appreciation for the many gifts and the vital life you have bestowed upon me.

Thank you for the strength you have given me to walk a path of beauty on Earth, Our Mother.

Please help me to know my own creative power from within that can help bring balance to my environment without so that I may live in co-creative partnership with all life.

Thank you for opening my heart to the needs of those who live in poverty or in danger of losing their homes due to climate change and for helping me find my own way to help with their struggle knowing that their misfortune is also my own.

Please help me to let the grief of plunder and pollution become rich compost where I sow seeds of beauty and protection for this great Nature that I am a part of.

Thank you for the plants and trees that give me my very life and who help to heal me so that I may recognize the profound union with all beings who have an equal right to life.

Please help me to not judge those who may seek advantages at the expense of Nature, always pointing a finger at others, but to be more conscious of my own acts of consumption so that I may strive to live in simple alignment with Nature.

Thank you for helping me to remember my True Essential Nature who recognizes the sacred in all of life and has the ability to experience this sacredness each and every day.


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