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Greening Eden--an interview with the film-makers

April Thanhauser interviews Ken Wentworth and Liz Witham about their experience at the Paris Climate Summit and their film projects for Greening Eden, in which they explore "humanity's relationship with the ecosystem." AT—I gathered from your films from the Climate Summit, that you thought the real hope for addressing climate change was coming from the Peoples' Movements, rather than from the UN delegates.

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Climate Change -Gratitude for Air, Closing

With this newsletter, we close our focus on Air and Climate Change, with dedication and commitment to do all we can to bring balance to the great breath of our Earth Mother. Through looking at the issues involved in Climate Change, we come to understand, more and more, the interrelatedness of all things and the implications of all our actions. We offer gratitude for clear, wild, refreshing Air, the green beings who give us breath and all those spirit forces who join together to sustain Life.

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Reflections on Climate Change through the Eyes of a Nature Evolutionary

Focusing on the temperature increase or reducing greenhouse gases is only a small part of the issue.  It is the allopathic approach to environmental health.  Let’s suppress or eliminate what appears to be the greatest symptom and ignore everything else.  We need a holistic approach, one that recognizes that the symptoms of polluted water, polluted air, deforestation, farmer suicides, even increase in autoimmune diseases, depression, poverty, and malnutrition are all connected.  They are all symptoms of the same underlying cause: separation of humans from Nature and the destruction of our Home.

As I said earlier, it is time for a paradigm shift.  It is time for us to re-member that we are Nature.

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Climate Marches

"There are lots of simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint…{car pooling, using public transportation, more efficient light bulbs, fewer plane trips}

In the end, though, experts do not believe the needed transformation in the energy system can happen without strong state and national policies. So speaking up and exercising your rights as a citizen matters as much as anything else you can do.”

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Religion, Justice, and the Air we Breathe

Here I was in Mother India, home of Yoga and Pranayama, but stepping out my hotel door in Delhi, I felt I could barely breathe....It’s not that people in modern India are less holy or value less the preciousness of life-giving air. Rather, what I was experiencing was a symptom of what Pope Francis has recently and powerfully pointed out—the injustice of climate change. Put simply, the populations who suffer most from pollution and global climate change (mostly in the global south), are often those least responsible for creating it.

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Meeting Climate Change from a Spiritual Path

Ziraat teachings help us see that our denial, despair and our collective addiction to consumption can both paralyze us and drain the passion and energy we need for real change. Recognizing our deep pain about the world and the part we play in contributing to the problems around us may cause us to awaken. With compassion for the suffering on earth, and with an ever constant vigilance to keep purifying our mind, we are able to restore and maintain awe and root ourselves in the beauty of the earth—and of all aspects of the soul’s journey—so that we may be a force for fresh vision, creativity and healing.

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Purification Breaths of the Elements

EARTH element—breathe naturally in through the nose and out though the nose, five breaths contemplating the element of earth. Feel the healing power, firmness, patience, stability and sanity of the earth.

WATER element—breath naturally in through the nose, out through the mouth. Five breaths. Feel purification, generosity, creativity, flowing around obstacles. Feel the love element flowing.

FIRE element—breathe naturally in through the mouth, out through the nose. Five breaths. Feel inspiration, passion, transmuting and transforming emotions.

AIR element—breathe naturally in through the mouth, out through the mouth. Five breaths. Contemplate freedom, lightness, ecstasy and joy.


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Nature's Balance, Man's Imbalance

In 2010 I joined 11 other artists in the Boston area. We called ourselves “The Time Project” and would meet monthly to show each other our creations, give each other critiques, and provide support for the experimental art that we had all chosen to undertake.

My subject was the state of our environment with a special emphasis on Climate Change which was particularly compelling because it is so multi- layered. I decided to accompany each piece with a written story in an attempt to inform the viewer about the many dangerous aspects of this complicated story, while at the same time, luring them into a safe place through the aesthetic interest found within each piece.

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Finding Peace (& Power) in the Overwhelm

Take a tiny step in your life – from riding your bike, planting a garden/trees, working from home one day/week, having backyard chickens. Take it with other people supporting you, so you follow through and it will keep blossoming and growing. Find ways to connect deeply with the land and nature you live in (even in the city – it’s there!). When you feel overwhelmed by the big picture, focus on you, your family, your backyard, and what you CAN do.  You will feel powerful instead of helpless and it will give you hope.

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Supporting Climate Summit

The message from the people is getting louder and this time we want those making important decisions at the Summit to clearly hear the needs and will of the People. With this in mind there will be a global outpouring of people across the globe marching and meeting to share their voices.

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