Gratitude for Sacred Earth Activism

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We offer gratitude for the path of Sacred Earth Activism. For the awareness that rises in our hearts of who we are as sacred children of sacred Earth, not separate from Her.

We give thanks for the impulse which follows, to act on Her/our behalf, guided by the inspiration that wells up from the knowing of our unity.

We receive with gratitude the encouragement that is renewed each time we connect with another Person who is walking this joyful path, and the strength which is magnified by our joining together.

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We honor those who, against great odds, have preserved indigenous wisdom teachings that can guide us now, as we come to understand our role in the pattern of creation, and we give deep thanks to those teachers who have stepped forward to share with us.

We offer thanks to leaders with strong voices, brilliant minds and great hearts who wake us up and bring us with them in works to heal the wounds our Earth has suffered and to avert the dangers ahead.

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And we acknowledge with gratitude those who work in subtle, often unseen ways, nurturing, repairing, cleaning up the messes and living a life so woven into Sacred Earth Activism that it is seamless and eloquent.

We give thanks to those who from beyond memory and in our present moment have kept alive human hope in the face of adversity.

We offer gratitude to Nature herself and all the guides from the human and unseen world who continually inspire us, opening our hearts to the beauty of all creation- the starting point for Sacred Action.