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O.N.E. at Bioneers!

This year was the 30th Anniversary of the Bioneers' Conference and O.N.E. was excited to be a part of the celebration of “Growing Transformative Solutions”. According to their website, “Bioneers is inspiring and realizing a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations.” This year’s conference gathered innovators, visionaries, and trailblazers who are shifting our consciousness and changing the world, including O.N.E.’s very own, Pam Montgomery.

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O.N.E. Journey to Mount Shasta

The hearts of 21 women heard the voice of a mountain. A mountain, calling them to its slopes, calling them to drink of its pure spring waters, to commune with tree elders and ancient stones, to dream with its profound presence at night, and bask in its vibrant and healing energies during the day. Mount Shasta, where the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries led a group of journeyers in early October, set the stage for a 4-day retreat focused on co-creative partnership with Nature.

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Eve's Apology to Mother Earth

Eve Ensler spoke at the 2019 Bioneers Conference. Her reading of her “Apology to Mother Earth” was one of the most profound moments of the conference.

“I press my bruised body down on your grassy belly, breathing me in and out. I have missed you, Mother. I have been away so long. I am sorry. I am so sorry. 

I am made of dirt and grit and stars and river, skin, bone, leaf, whiskers and claws. I am a part of you, of this, nothing more or less. “

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 The intention I hold in my heart is for my offerings of art and healing to breathe new life into people’s relationships with plants, and inspire others to see the green ones not only as the origin of the oxygen that keeps us alive, but also an ever-present, benevolent source of love and connection that supports our spirits’ thriving. 

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What is Forest Therapy?

A Forest Therapy walk is more than a hike. It is more than time spent in nature, moving quickly along a trail. It is a walk with nature, connecting to trees and plants, reflecting with water, holding a stone that’s tumbled through eons of time to be held by you at this moment in time.

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Along with the stresses in my daily life has been a concurrent period of lasting epiphany, starting with the coalescing of several important reads and conversations, and peaking after several days trying to assist on behalf of the agency I direct with the Mendocino Complex Fires in northern California. I watched fire fighters and many others, some with homes in jeopardy, working in difficult conditions for days on end to save lives and property.

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Findhorn Meets the Matrix

When we returned to the Hall of Mirrors I experienced a most powerful meditation. It all came together as, in my meditation, as I communed with my Oak-Chestnut Tree and had the distinct honor to mind-ride on Eagle-Owl wings through the Universe, visit my past, revisit the wonders of the world I have been privileged to know including Mother Trees and our own backyard redwoods, peeked into the future, and rode the winds of time.

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Ceiba, the World Tree

Ceiba trees  are examples of what one might call “charismatic  megaflora.” Like their animal counterparts—whales and elephants—fully grown specimens capture the imagination and evoke awe among humans. Their sheer massiveness is mysterious. Bigger and older than humans, they can dwarf, and often outlast, built structures. They alter the microclimate in their vicinity and become whole ecosystems. Over the years they gather stories and legends about them.

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Ceiba, Tree of Life

And then I saw the Ceiba, standing alone surrounded by a field of grass, majestic and royal begging me to be embraced by ki’s buttresses.  Before I even left the van, I knew that I was in the presence of the Divine.  I could feel the fibers of my Heart stretching as my Heart was opening wide.  It was love at first sight.  I received the message, “Give your troubles to me, I will protect you.”  I walked around Ceiba entranced, amazed at ki’s form and gentle power.

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