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Sacred Water, Precious Water

As I drifted in and out of sleep in the early morning hours a steady tinkling entered my consciousness followed by a memory of moist leaves, bare feet and water rushing. I slowly entered the waking world and heard the undeniable sound of dripping outside my bedroom window – RAIN – ah, the blessed sound of water falling from the sky.

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Weather Magic

This is a true story of two friends: Prajna (Island Sister) lives in Kauai, Hawaii, and Hilary (Mountain Sister) lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.  This story took place in April, 2018 and is a present-day synchronistic example of how women are being invited to relate to the waters and the weather during this time of climate change. 

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A Tale of Two Rivers

In her  forthcoming book, All Our Beautiful Rivers, Shannon Merika  explores the link between cattle grazing on river banks and the declining health of rivers in Australia. Shannon’s love for the Rivers goes back to her childhood, playing in the Leichart River in Western Queensland. Recently, she had  experiences which brought home to her both the spiritual-psychic implications of water pollution and the ways in which human interaction with the nature spirits can have a positive impact. Here she shares two ways in which she sensed the spirit forces alive in the rivers she knows. 

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Loving a River--The Penobscot Paddling Trail

Life offers a plethora of opportunities to help others and to "leave the world a better place." When I found myself run ragged embracing so many good causes, I had to stop, look at which challenges I was effective at, and which efforts give back life and love. (Some call this picking your battles.) From these I wrote my "mission statement." After that, before adopting a new challenge, I permit myself to ask if it fits my mission. The statement? Long ago I heard the maxim, "In the end, we will save only what we love, and we will love only what we have been taught to love."

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Rivers of the Goddess

An excerpt from “Spiritual Bathing” by Rosita Arvigo

Rosita Arvigo has revived the art of Spiritual Bathing for many, fortunate students and in her book Spiritual Bathing, she portrays the practice of spiritual bathing as it has developed over the centuries, in many cultures world-wide. She has given us permission to share this excerpt on the Sacred Ganges River.

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Tree of Life Becomes River of Life

While on a wild  and heart-opening journey with Rocio Alarcon into the Amazon region of Ecuador, I heard a legend of the origins of the Napa river—one of the tributaries of the Amazon.  This story was shared with me in Spanish on a visit to Coca,  and the translation whispered to me, sentence by sentence.  I offer this story of transformation and trust in Nature's gifts with apologies for  anything lost or changed in translation.

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Amazon River Journey

Jen Frey, of Brigid's Way and the ONE visioning council, recounts a sacred journey down the Tiputini River in the Amazon region of Ecuador, guided by Rocio Alarcon. We are introduced to the concept of Sacred water Pugyos, and get a glimpse of the power and mystery of this region. 

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Gratitude for the Rivers of Life

We offer gratitude to the Rivers of Life. The rivers which have carved the lands and fed all the creatures, which have washed and nourished and shaped the people.  We are thankful for the life-giving waters,  the moving waters, the shining waters. For waterfalls, eddies, currents, for ever-changing patterns, for leaping fish, otters, invertebrates.

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Universal Declaration of the Rights of Rivers

To help in establishing rights for all rivers, the Earth Law Center along with experts worldwide have developed a draft of the Universal Declaration of River Rights. The Declaration draws from victories for the rights of rivers worldwide, as well as scientific understandings of healthy river systems. 

The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries supports the actions taken by the Earth Law Center to establish the right to thrive for all rivers and encourages each of us to stand with our Rivers of Life.

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