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Universal Declaration of the Rights of Rivers

To help in establishing rights for all rivers, the Earth Law Center along with experts worldwide have developed a draft of the Universal Declaration of River Rights. The Declaration draws from victories for the rights of rivers worldwide, as well as scientific understandings of healthy river systems. 

The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries supports the actions taken by the Earth Law Center to establish the right to thrive for all rivers and encourages each of us to stand with our Rivers of Life.

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Rights of Nature: A Legal Revolution That Could Change the World

David Boyd author of “Rights of Nature: A Legal Revolution That Could Change the World” is interviewed on the independent media program Living On Earth. This inspiring perspective shared by David reminds us of the importance of viewing nature as a relative, not property and the need for legal recognition of the rights of nature. He compares the history human rights with that of Earth Rights and gives examples of grassroots movements to institute rights of nature ordinances within local communities.

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Declaration by the Earth Rights Conference participants 2017

This Earth Rights Declaration was created by the participants of the 2017 Earth Rights Conference which took place in Sigtuna, Sweden.  Earth Rights include the rights of all of our planet’s ecosystems and all of its inhabitants. We envision Earth Rights as working in harmony with, reinforcing and securing all other rights of peoples and species (source:  Earth Rights Conference 2017).

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Saving the Ishpingo

In the fall of 2016, the Iamoe Center was told that they needed to clear a part of the Land for agriculture.  Part of the mission of the Iamoe is to protect the Forest; therefore, they worked tirelessly to create a new program demonstrating an alternative to clear-cutting.  With this program, they plant more Trees, Ishpingo Trees to be exact.  

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Loving Whales, Taking Action

Rachel Baird, who led our Teleseminar on connecting with Whales through meditation, offers some ways of supporting them:

Whale lovers in North America can join sites to get involved with projects to protect the whales, such as the eco-Whale Alliance of Canada. Take a look at baleins en direct , full of  scientific information, beautiful pictures, current news of whales, and calls to action.

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