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Connecting Deeply with Whales led by Rachel Baird

Connecting Deeply with Whales led by Rachel Baird

December 11, 2016

Rachel Baird is an artist, peace activist and writer (best known as a poet). Her books in print include: Uplands and Valentines and Other Tragedies.  Baird's conceptual art, including video, installations and peace centered work can be viewed at  Currently she is working on a series of "Peace Wells"- kinetic sculptural installations aligned to the Earth's lay lines, these wells provide visual cellular memory points for the frequency of peace and also create a collaborative energetic grid that will help generate and sustain the frequency of peace across the planet.  The Embrace Project is another of Baird's peace focused creations- utilizing our common human ability and need to be held, this project gathers groups of people in a of series of mindful embodied connections to invoke personal and global transformation.   

Since childhood,  Rachel has been aware of communicating with beings of the natural world, particularly the whales. She facilitates voyages to commune with whales and leads guided meditations to “help us reconnect with our water ancestors, meeting them where we are and creating a future together – helping hold the common dream to restore an ocean of peace.” 

In this teleseminar, Rachel recounts some of her experiences communicating with the whales, shares her observations and concerns about the booming new “whale-watching” tourism, and offers guidance on how to reach out to these beings without disturbing their lives. She leads us in a meditation practice to make contact with the whales, receive their wisdom, and share our love.

Listen to Rachel's talk below

Rachel Baird