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Sea Turtle: Primordial Grace, Timeless Wisdom, Liminal Guide with Susan Draffan

Sea Turtle: Primordial Grace, Timeless Wisdom, Liminal Guide with Susan Draffan

January 15, 2017

Sea Turtles are one of the most ancient, widespread, fascinating, mysterious species on Grandmother Earth. They occupy all our planet’s oceans except the polar regions, and are both fundamental to and indicators for the health of marine ecosystems. All 7 extant sea turtle species are currently endangered or threatened. Turtles embody central roles of honor in the cosmological and creation stories of many world cultures, and sea turtles in particular act as gatekeepers for liminal portals – the “thin” places between sea and land, unseen dimensions, and levels of consciousness.

In this teleseminar, Susan offers a brief overview of Sea Turtle evolution and mythology, and shares her understanding of their esoteric purpose and requests for humanity in the context of the transformational shift of the ages that is currently unfolding. Together Susan and her Sea Turtle guide lead us on an inner plane journey to remember our true selves and birth our soul’s gift to our beloved planet.

Susan is a vibrational essence co-creator and practitioner, plant spirit healer, animal communicator, and seer. Her background includes a former career in clinical medicine and research, spiritual studies in the Western Mystery Tradition, and a lifelong connection to the animal, nature, and fairy realms. She lives and dreams in a sacred valley rimmed by mountains near the sea, where she is presently developing a line of essences with native plants and places while holding a vision of the New Earth.  To contact Susan, please email or visit her website

Listen to Susan's talk below