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Wisdom of the Ancient Trees with Esperide Ananas


Esperide Ananas has traveled the world to reactivate deep connection between humans and Trees.  During this teleseminar, she will share the wisdom of these Trees especially the ancient ones who carry the original blueprint of “Treeness”.  Trees, through their specific sensitivity and intelligence, are able to weave the tightest network of connections that exists on the planet making them the largest and most powerful “living computers” on Earth.  For us, as humans, re-establishing a spiritual connection with these beings is a way to recuperate an important part of our collective soul.  We have long forgotten that we are all part of the same spiritual ecosystem, and that our survival and evolution depends on the presence of these extraordinary beings. Through her stories and sharing, Esperide reminds us of our deep kinship with Trees and inspires right-relationship with the Tree World.

Esperide Ananas is an ambassador for Damanhur, an eco-society in Italy, and has been instrumental in their Tree Orienting project.  Esperide is a spiritual researcher, innovation consultant, and international speaker.  She is the author of several books including The Music of the Plants and Spirals of Energy.  Esperide conducts research in the field of Selfica, the energy structure of the human being, and the vital energies of nature.  She leads courses around the world helping humans to awaken to their potential and connect with nature.

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