Six Steps to Create Your Sanctuary Garden

By Denise Schwab

The healing force of nature has been my greatest ally for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories are climbing a favorite tree and meandering through Daisies and Black Eyed Susans in the overgrown fields of our yard.  

As much as I love the wild, I also crave the cultivated beauty of a garden.  I love how I feel upon entering a well-tended, cared for and serene natural environment. Here, a gentle, mutual agreement transpires between nature and humans that is not only tranquil but is creatively inspiring.  A garden is a space where you can feel the joy of this co-creative relationship. When a garden reflects intentional collaboration, it is speaking to you.

A garden becomes a sanctuary for deep listening and a place that animates the creative life force within you.  The power of intention ignites this sacred communication between you and nature, allowing you to connect with the creative potential that is possible within this divine union.

Sanctuary Garden

Within this intuitive sanctuary you can ask to receive guidance from the spirits of nature.  The plants are able to offer healing that supports you in activating your intention and expressing your soul’s purpose.  Whatever is a part of your sacred garden can help you heal old beliefs, patterns or other blocks that are interfering with your full creative engagement with life.   

I have created sanctuary gardens on plots of land and on city porches with potted plants.  A sanctuary garden can be created as a medicine wheel, labyrinth or an altar, as simple or elaborate, as you want it to be.  Garden sanctuaries have helped me to gain clarity about my life’s direction and provided me the healing I needed to take action steps toward my goals.   

 ~Creating your Garden~

1-Begin by finding a space that will work for you and the plants.  

2-Through meditation and prayer; set your intention for your garden sanctuary.  

3 Ask nature to support you in your intention.  

4-Invite your intuition to guide you as you create and design your garden.

5-Remember to stay open and aware in your senses as you garden.  Consider the energy of each plant, which plants are showing up to support you? 

6-Be open to receiving messages from nature through synchronicity, nighttime dreams, symbols, and images that may be coming to you from your garden at other times…

Once your garden has developed, it is now a sanctuary for you to receive guidance and healing as you meditate with the plants and nature spirits.  Again, ask your garden to support you in fulfilling your vision. Trust that you are embodying the healing that is unfolding in your co-creative relationship with your garden. 

This grounded way of connecting with spirit will allow you to radiate a vibration out into the world that will call in exactly what you need to meet your intention and serve the wholeness of your life. 
Tending your garden sanctuary with care and creativity is an expression of gratitude to the nature spirits that work with you.  Gratitude will keep the co-relationship between you and your garden healthy, reciprocal and abundant.   
Use your intuition to nourish a strong alignment with the natural world that will allow the creative life force to keep flowing through you. 
As soon as you begin taking action, you will activate the creative life force within you and around you!  The manifestation process has begun!

sanctuary garden


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