Becoming a Nature Evolutionary Teleseminars

What does it mean to be a Nature Evolutionary? We will delve deeply into this question through various dynamic explorations into consciousness raising that is at the core of O.N.E’s vision. Throughout the year we will bring together leading Nature Evolutionaries to share their varied experiences in Becoming a Nature Evolutionary. Our theme for this next six months is “The Wild” and we will be presenting FREE teleseminars on different aspects of the wild. We will begin with:


Remembering Our Indigenous Soul a talk and meditation led by Pam Montgomery, founding unnamedmember of O.N.E. and author of Plant Spirit Healing; A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness and Partner Earth; A Spiritual Ecology

Date: Sunday, March 20th (Spring Equinox) Time: 3:00 – 4:00 pm EST Call in number: 1-805-309-2350 Access code: 5771624


Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature led by Rachel Corby, UK based plant whisperer, nature dreamer,thumb_E-BOOK COVER(1) biophile and author of a book with the same title.

Date: Sunday, April 24th Time: 3:00-4:00 pm EST Call in number: 1-805-309-2350 Access code: 5771624


Stay tuned for other presenters

Join us for these high quality sound controlled presentations. Can’t make these dates? No worries, these teleseminars will be recorded so you can access them at any time.

Reflections on Climate Change through the Eyes of a Nature Evolutionary

Focusing on the temperature increase or reducing greenhouse gases is only a small part of the issue.  It is the allopathic approach to environmental health.  Let’s suppress or eliminate what appears to be the greatest symptom and ignore everything else.  We need a holistic approach, one that recognizes that the symptoms of polluted water, polluted air, deforestation, farmer suicides, even increase in autoimmune diseases, depression, poverty, and malnutrition are all connected.  They are all symptoms of the same underlying cause: separation of humans from Nature and the destruction of our Home.

As I said earlier, it is time for a paradigm shift.  It is time for us to re-member that we are Nature.

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Nature's Balance, Man's Imbalance

In 2010 I joined 11 other artists in the Boston area. We called ourselves “The Time Project” and would meet monthly to show each other our creations, give each other critiques, and provide support for the experimental art that we had all chosen to undertake.

My subject was the state of our environment with a special emphasis on Climate Change which was particularly compelling because it is so multi- layered. I decided to accompany each piece with a written story in an attempt to inform the viewer about the many dangerous aspects of this complicated story, while at the same time, luring them into a safe place through the aesthetic interest found within each piece.

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November 29th: Setting the Intention for the Paris Summit

file831241993385 We invite you to join us in a meditation prayer to add our energetic and intentional support for a positive outcome at the UN Climate Summit being held in Paris from November 30th - December 11th.

Pam Montgomery will be leading this meditation prayer via conference call beginning at 7:00 pm on Sunday, November 29th. Call 800-309-2350 then enter ID# 1201036. We will begin promptly at 7:05 pm and will be on the phone until 7:30 pm.

This is an opportunity for you to join with the O.N.E. community to add the powerful force of your intention and prayers collectively for the Earth and All her beings.

Growing ONE-ness

Dear Nature Evolutionaries, Boris Austin


You know who you are! You who are dreaming a new world into being, a world where the sacred in nature is recognized and celebrated, where all beings have rights, where the human realm and the more than human realm are no longer separate, and where we are working together for the health and joy of our planet, propelled and guided by the power of our Love.It is easy to feel alone, like you are the only one living an Earth-centered life or supporting Seed sovereignty.  But the truth is that there are many of us.  Like points of light, when we come together, we create a beam; we are powerful, and we effect change. Our beam brightens the world around us and illuminates the way forward.



The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries, ONE,  is  a gatherer, bringing all those points of Light together.  Some may be people or organizations who have been living/working co-creatively with Nature for a long time, others may never have heard the term co-creative partnership before.  We try to support you wherever you are, by connecting organizations and individuals so that their work may deepen - as we did with the Tree Orienting of the Bristle Cone Pine in California, or by giving you knowledge and skills to create your own ceremonies - our video of the Gratitude Circle for Water.

Esperide with Damanhur youth delegation and bristlecone pines in California

We’ve grown fuller since the first seed of ONE was planted in 2013. We have
  • Published our thought provoking, soul enriching, and inspiring newsletter with unique articles such as “The Beauty of Uranium”
  • Become a non-profit organization in the statgroup_councile of Vermont
  • Supported an amazing Elder whose work sustains a center in the Yasuni National Forest of Ecuador
  • Held Plant Concerts
  • Held ceremonies for healing our Earth including Councils of All Beings
  • Created a beautiful website, an incredible resource and inspiration for anyone who wants to walk this life
  • And so much more

All the while adhering to our intentions of working through the Heart, working co-creatively with Nature and the unseen forces, and honoring the Sacred in All.

As we look to the year ahead, our growth seems to be exponential!  We plan to:
  • File for our 501c3 status
  • Host a tele-seminar
  • Grow our newsletter
  • Expand our website
  • Create more videos
  • Hold more ceremonies
  • Connect with other organizations
  • Hire an office manager
  • Continue to speak for the Earth and All her Beings


We ask you to please support ONE by making a donation to help this work grow and help us bring our dream of a better world into fruition.  On our website, you will see that we have many fabulous and unique thank you giftsto choose from (many of which have limited quantities, so make your choice soon!) and of course, you can always choose no-gift.  We greatly appreciate any size donation.

angelica love

As a Nature Evolutionary, you are a part of ONE.  We invite you to add your light to our beam by commenting on our blog; sharing your co-creative work; informing us of your classes, ceremonies, gatherings, political actions, or creative endeavors; contributing to our newsletter through articles, photos, videos, artwork, poems, stories, reflections on our articles, and of course by sharing ONE with your friends.

We thank you for your support!

With Love and ONEness, The Visioning Council

Dirty Movies

To understand more deeply the intricacies of the human/soil relationships, we can immerse ourselves in the book Dirt, the Ecstatic Skin of the Earth, by William Bryant Logan, and/or watch the magnificent documentary film inspired by this book: Dirt, the Movie. ( ) And to wholeheartedly enter the elegant and multifaceted realm of Dirt, we can go on to view The Symphony of the Soil ( a film by Deborah Koons Garcia, which brings science, art and activism to bear on the long, long history of soil.

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Seeds in the Movies

Three new movies are coming out, starring Seeds.unnamed-5 The movie “Seeds of Time” has just been released to a few theaters and is now available to purchase or to arrange for showings. This is an important documentary about the activist Cary Fowler, who sets out to build the first Global Seed Bank, in what is called an “epic struggle for the future of our food.” In order to prevent the permanent loss of plant species, seeds from all over the world are stored in a vault in Svalbard, Norway, where optimal temperatures for long-term storage are maintained. This is the largest and most comprehensive seed bank to date and the film chronicles its story--and makes clear the vital importance of this effort. At you can see a trailer and learn how to become involved in the work.unnamed-7


The makers of the award-winning documentaries “The Real Dirt on Farmer John” and “Queen of the Sun: What the Bees are Telling Us” are working on “Seed, the Untold Story,” about the global threat to seed diversity and the important work that visionary individuals like Vandana Shiva are doing to save seeds and indigenous agriculture. You can see a trailer of the film on their Facebook page


And on a local level—a great place for any of us to start, film-makers Liz Witham and Ken Wentworth of film-truth, have created a documentary on one small town’s establishment of a seed library. The film unnamed-7explains the need for local seed libraries and demonstrates the steps the community took to make the idea a reality.   These libraries are not only a source of free seeds to would-be growers, and ways to practice generosity and sharing, but also serve to preserve old varieties and their stories. When gardeners donate seeds they have grown, they include the story of where the seed came from and how it came to them. The process also encourages seed diversity and health. Over time, the seeds that are saved and regrown in a particular region will be the ones that thriving, the ones that are best suited to that region’s micro-environment. For information on how to view this film contact Liz Witham,

photo 4-1

Seed Sovereignty

By Jen Freyunnamed-2 One can hardly talk about the importance of Seeds and seed sovereignty without mentioning Dr. Vandana Shiva and her work. In fact, Vandana Shiva and Seeds are practically inseparable. Dr. Shiva is the author of numerous books including Stolen Harvest and Biopiracy; an activist; an international speaker and advisor, including working with the government of Bhutan to make Bhutan 100% Organic; founder of Navdanya; and a scientist (her PhD is in Physics)! According to their website,

“Navdanya is actively involved in the rejuvenation of indigenous knowledge and culture. It has created awareness on the hazards of genetic engineering, defended people's knowledge from biopiracy and food rights in the face of globalisation.

It has its own seed bank and organic farm spread over an area of 45 acres in Uttrakhand, north India.

Navdanya has so far successfully conserved more than 5000 crop varieties including 3000 of rice, 150 of wheat, 150 of kidney beans (rajma), 15 of millets and several varieties of pulses, vegetable, medicinal 100_3276plants etc.”

Dr. Shiva has been involved in curtailing Monsanto’s efforts of seed monopoly around the world and especially in India. She is a strong advocate for seed sovereignty, which includes the ability of farmers to collect and save their own seed instead of being held hostage to purchasing seeds (and often the required chemicals for growing those seeds) for each planting. Dr. Shiva recognizes the importance that Seeds have on a person’s life, literally, as she works in an area with high farmer suicide rates. In “Seeds of Truth” Dr. Shiva writes, “There is a cause for each and every farmer taking his own life, he is not driven to it by correlation. And the cause is a high cost monopoly system with no alternative.”

Being able to save one’s seeds, not only assures economic advantage, it also allows one to choose what unnamed-6type of Plants will be grown and to an extent how they will be grown. It gives freedom of choice to the individual, whether this is a small gardener with a couple tomato plants, a mid-size CSA growing food for 100 families, or a large farm of hundreds of acres. As Dr. Shiva says, “Seed is the source of Life and the first link in the food chain. Control over seed means control over our lives, our food, and our freedom.”

Dr. Shiva’s work goes way beyond seeds to include honoring women and equality for all, honoring all aspects of Nature (water, soil, Trees, etc.), supporting true democracy, and more.   Dr. Shiva writes, “I unnamed-7consciously made a decision to dedicate my life to protect the Earth, its ecosystems, and communities.” We honor Dr. Shiva and her incredible efforts truly making this world a better place for our children and their children.

The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries recognizes a resonance and connection with Navdanya, which can be seen in their philosophy throughout their website. One example is this quote, “ Navdanya is born of a vision that all beings have intrinsic value and an inherent right to live, grow and evolve to their full potential through their self organization. The diversity of biological life forms and cultures is the basis of peace, harmony and sustainability. We therefore view the conservation of biodiversity and protection of all life forms as a fundamental human duty, as our universal responsibility.” ONE could not agree more! One of the goals of the Organization of Nature Evolutionariesunnamed-3is to connect individuals, organizations, and companies who are creating a better world.  It is so easy to feel alone or that one's efforts are not enough.  Our strength comes when we recognize that there are many incredible people working to change our paradigm.  When we connect, we support and feed one another, we ignite and inspire.  Therefore, we are excited to share some of the work of Dr. Vandana Shiva and Navdanya. We encourage you to learn more and make your own connection.

You can sign a letter to Prime Minister Modi and President Obama on Seed Freedom and Food Democracy here


Seeds in Story, Song and Soul

By Rowen Whiteimage (2) In all their shapes, sizes, colors, the seeds have granted us sustenance, flavors, art, craft and most importantly story and song. The life giving mystery in a handful of seeds has inspired the many stories and songs that create the sacred dance between people and plants. These seeds share insight on the alchemy of transformation of sunlight to food, one kernel into many.  In the Seed Seva programs, we are humble disciples of these teachings of the seeds. We look to create gardens and methods of seed stewardship and plant breeding that strengthen the inherent life force within plants, and ensure that the seeds that we carry on to our next generations are selected for low input, whole organic systems.

In this time, it is a joy to be a part of the great re-awakening; seeing these ancient stories and connections within us come alive again. Our ancestors, who have faithfully passed us this incredible gift of life, are re-birthed through our connections to these seeds; these are their songs, their stories. It has only been a few short generations that we have seen these connections slip away; in the big wheel of time, only a few fleeting moments where we saw ourselves become distracted from the great mysteries by some of the false promises of technology and convenience.

These seeds are the diverse expression of life itself, ever hopeful, renewing, and sustaining. I invite you to walk this path with me, to find those tiny little sparks inside your heart that yearn to be re-kindled. These seeds, these tiny capsules of life and witnesses to the past, they speak to me in my dreams. The message that is sent to me again and again is simple, yet deeply nourishing; Take care of the seeds, and they will take care of you.

We have a long dry season here in Northern California, which makes it an ideal seed growing climate.   For us it is always this delicate dance of gratitude; the promise of the fall rains is such a welcomed balm upon our dusty lands, hands and hearts. The long hot and dry season leaves us ragged and parched, with dreams of cozy rainy days with pots of soup bubbling and our hearth warmed by woodstove fires and fresh fragrant loaves of newly baked bread.

Yet as seed stewards, we also recognize the lingering warm and dry weather as our ally; early Autumn is key ripening time for many dry seeded crops. If the rains come too soon, a season’s worth of care, work and prayer can easily wash away to the soil in a sudden and unexpected early fall downpour.  Again, each fall we bear witness to the tenuous balance of a life lived close to the Earth. Balancing rocks and eagle feathers, burdens and blessings are often one in the same.

So we deeply listen to the subtle patterns and signs that the Earth and all our Relations continue to shareimage (3) with us, and cultivate a strong sense of intuitive action to miraculously bring in the harvest once again.  From the time of seed ripening to the coming of the consistent fall rains, we are in full activation mode, willing to put in the long hours from dawn until dusk to take care of our responsibilities to the seeds and to the sustained nourishment of our family and extended community.   To put away our own feelings of overwhelm and discomfort for a short few weeks, with an intuitive knowing the the coming of the rains will signal rest for our well worked bodies.  Just as our ancestors did, we rally the community to help us bring in the baskets of beans and corn, till under the fields and plant the cover crop seeds that will be the transformative keeper of the soil during the wet winter months.

Baskets and buckets of tiny seeds begin their parade into our barn and living space. Shiny smooth squash seeds dry next to flats of tomatoes and peppers.  One but can’t help plunging their hands into the soft and supple bucket of cleaned amaranth, beans, or millet seeds that sit breathing off their last bits of moisture before going into cold storage.image (4)

Our one room main house is the showcase of all the diverse seeds that came out of our green fields this season.  I always marvel at the expansion and contraction of the growing season.  We start off with a tiny handful of seeds to begin the seasonal journey, which quickly germinates and rapidly expands to fill whole fields of greenery and abundance.

Yet, once the seed harvest begins, we see another round of contraction, as we gather whole plants and thresh them into bins, which then get winnowed down to smaller containers of seed again.

We celebrate in the unbelievable exponential abundance of the seed’s gift. ..50 tiny amaranth seeds multiply into a 5 gallon bucket of billions of little bundles of potential….the ratios of expansion are mind-boggling, and heart expanding.  When we witness the generous and ever nourishing patterns of the cycles of seed life, we are reminded again that the foundations of life are rooted in abundance.  The seed harvest asks us: How did we ever buy into the image (5)story of scarcity? With every seed crop that is brought in and cleaned for safe-keeping, my heart is filled once again with hope for our sustained future.

We witness a sacred distillation of life in the harvest and handling of the seed crops.  Each day, a new crop to thresh and winnow while the air is still dry and conducive to the act of dehiscing seeds from stalks.  We see whole fields of corn, millet, cowpeas, and peppers distilled into small but potent bags of pure potential for seasons to come.

It is in these repetitive daily actions of threshing and winnowing that I find deep satisfaction, reflection and inner peace.  While my hands gently work with wind and simple screens to winnow away the seed image (8)from the chaff, I find myself in my inner reflections doing similar processing.  Sifting out the things, thoughts, actions in my life worth keeping, and allowing all the rest of the “chaff” to blow away in the wind.  The plants and seed continue to be my teachers on so many levels.

While this chaff represents parts of the plant that were fully supportive to the seed development and growth while living, once dry down, this dried plant material no longer is in service to the seed…the transformation of one mother plant who gives of her own self for the extended life of her thousands of children.

This is true from my own inner landscape;  when I take the presence to make my work my sadhana, or spiritual practice, it allows me the tools to identify aspects of my life that were once in place to support my own personal growth, but now need to be “winnowed” away to leave room for more expanded potential.  Fall image (6)is a potent time for this “inner winnowing,” to give ourselves the quiet, spacious reflection time to see what is worth carrying with us through the dark winter months, and what is ready to be released.

What an honor when simple daily tasks in our work become our spiritual discipline, helping us to see clearly how simple and profound the little actions in life really are. That they are indeed living metaphors for the deeper lessons in life. All of this helps me cultivate gratitude in my life. When my hands work with the foods and seeds of the  harvest, I clearly see that there is a roadmap in this work, that this ancient rhythm of harvest illuminates an inner medicine wheel of work that is to be done before winter settles in.

Thank you seeds for all your teachings, wisdom and blessings.

image (9)

Thank you to all our Relations; sun, moon, sky, Earth, wind, water, animals, fish, insects and pollinators, stones, ancestors and all others in the sacred hoop of life.

And I will leave you with some wise words of Peter Blue Cloud: “And season merged into season, and we learned the life cycles of all around us. Like the moon, the face of each thing is in constant change and yet life goes into death a seed awaiting rebirth.”

Until the rains arrive, I will be the patient and steadfast winnower of seeds.

image (7)

At Sierra Seeds, our Seed Seva Immersion and full season internship is our prayer for what we hope to see for the future of our food. By empowering community members to reawaken seed stewardship in their lives,  we are seeding hope for more sustainable and beautiful agro-ecological foodways.  A part of our vision is to see the Restory-ing the Grace and Beauty in our Daily Life and ways of growing food... That sustainable and organic agriculture can evolve again to be Exquisite and magnificently beautiful and offer us truly sacred nourishment.......We can nourish farmers and SeedKeepers so that they can continue to nourish beauty and our deep ancestral connections to food and tradition, For then food and seeds can truly be our medicine. We dream of a time when the farmers andSeedkeepers of the world will truly be valued in the highest order in our communities as the keepers of life....

By bridging both practical hands-on skills with indigenous knowledge and reverence, we are cultivating a way of seed stewardship that is based upon service to life and seeds. Finding ourselves again by rekindling a relationship with our food that is mutually beneficial, and truly honors the seeds for all that they continue to share with us.  Writing ourselves back into the story of the sacred dance between humans and plants that is dynamic, evolutionary and resilient. Seeds are sacred. By saving these seeds, we re-engage with a powerful lineage of Seed Keepers. I honor this responsibility from the center of my heart, and hope to share with you the deep, heart-opening aspects of these Seed Keeper traditions. Using an indigenous ecology of education via story, handiwork, and connection to place, we re-kindle our connection to our these ancient traditions.

Please join us for our upcoming Seed Seva Immersions. We have two options, one that is 4 weekends over 4 months, beginning in August. We also have a weeklong intensive, that is October 18-23, 2015.  Please visit this link to find our more:!/Workshops/c/2383848/offset=0&sort=normal

For More information about our signature Seed Seva Immersion Program, please visit our website


( Photos by Rowen White and Joan Bosque) -Rowen White

Rowen White is a Seed Keeper from the Mohawk community of Akwesasne and a passionate activist for seed sovereignty.  She is the director and founder of the Sierra Seeds, an innovative organic seed cooperative focusing on local seed production and education, based in Nevada City CA. She teaches creative seed training immersions around the country within tribal and small farming communities.  She weaves stories of seeds, food, culture and sacred Earth stewardship on her blog, Seed Songs. She is the author of “Breeding Organic Vegetable;  A Step by Step Guide for Growers” and her forthcoming book called “Seed Seva.”  Follow her seed journeys at