Posts in Sacred Earth Activism

Along with the stresses in my daily life has been a concurrent period of lasting epiphany, starting with the coalescing of several important reads and conversations, and peaking after several days trying to assist on behalf of the agency I direct with the Mendocino Complex Fires in northern California. I watched fire fighters and many others, some with homes in jeopardy, working in difficult conditions for days on end to save lives and property.

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Findhorn Meets the Matrix

When we returned to the Hall of Mirrors I experienced a most powerful meditation. It all came together as, in my meditation, as I communed with my Oak-Chestnut Tree and had the distinct honor to mind-ride on Eagle-Owl wings through the Universe, visit my past, revisit the wonders of the world I have been privileged to know including Mother Trees and our own backyard redwoods, peeked into the future, and rode the winds of time.

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Spiritual Journey of Renewal

I was on a spiritual journey of renewal in Damanhur organized by O.N.E. It was surreal for me to realize I was actually here, ready to experience this transformative, artistic, spiritual science community that lives sustainably and in harmony with Nature and each other. Little did I know how much I would be transformed.

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